Joyce Ho

Under the influence of her friends, Joyce took her first yoga class in 2004 and since then, she has been exploring deeper and deeper into the yogic journey.

Joyce's yoga classes focus on proper alignment, non-judgmental and just having fun. She believes in the mind and body connection which plays an important part in yoga practice.

In 2009, Joyce found a new love ie. aerial fitness. Instead of the gym, she is always in the air practising. Joyce is enjoying spreading words about how beneficial aerial fitness is to the entire body. She will push you to reach those goals you want to achieve. She will help you overcome your fears and be a confident, happy aerial student.

300-hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training, Flo Yoga Academy (2022)
95-hour Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training (2022)
30-hour Singing Bowl Therapist Training, Flo Yoga Academy (2022)
XPERT Spin Pole Teacher Training (2017)
XPERT Aerial Hoop Teacher Training (2017)
XPERT Pole Fitness Teacher Training (2016)
Spin City Aerial Silks Teacher Training (2014)
Spin City Intermediate Advanced Aerial Hoop Teacher Training (2013)
Aerial Yoga Level 1 & 2 Teacher Training, Body Fly International Academy (2013)
Discoveries Dance Pole Fitness Teacher Training (2012)
250-hour Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga Limbs (2010)
Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga Limbs (2010)
Kids Yoga Teaching Training, Kidzyoga (2010)

Joyce teaches
Hatha, Yoga Wheel, Prenatal, Hip and splits opening, Kids Yoga, Family yoga, 
Elderly yoga, Aerial yoga, Aerial Hoop, Aerial silks, Kids aerial