Jen Tsang

Enthusiastic and pleasant regular yoga practitioner for years and owned several licenses such as RYT 200, Aerial Yoga and Pre & Post Natal yoag. My journey of yoga started when I was 24, before that I was just a normal office lady who sit for almost 9 hours per day. Long seated and bad postures created stiffness in shoulders, arms and back muscles, bad blood circulation in lower body parts also caused edema in calf area. Practicing yoga helps a lot to those physical problems and it also improve the mental health such as a peaceful and calmness mind. Passion growth so I decided to join the teacher training for learning the true knowledge, and share the benefits and happiness though yoga practices to others.
練習瑜伽多年,考獲多個瑜伽導師牌照如RYT 200、空中瑜伽及孕婦產前產後瑜伽等。瑜伽對我來說已是生活及生命中不可分割的一個部分,一種習慣。接觸瑜伽以前只是一個從未做過任何運動的朝九晚六平凡文員,久坐於寫字樓、不良姿勢及忙碌工作以致肩頸背痛及小腿水腫脹痛。自開始練習瑜伽後身體問題得以改善,心態上都有明顯轉變,這些都是練習瑜伽的得著。在練習的第五年,決定參加瑜伽導師培訓課程,進一步認識瑜伽的意義、歷史及式子的正確動作,透過學習正確的知識,去感染身邊人一同感受瑜伽的樂趣及分享它的好處。  

200hr & 300hr RYT from Pure Yoga under Samrat Dasgupta 
30 Hours Flying Yoga Teaching Foundation Certificate (AUM Yoga)
20 Hours Flying Flow Teacher Training Certificate (Yoga Fitness HK)