Shereese Tsang

Shereese first experience Yoga in 2009.
With her passion and enthusiasm, she completed 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in Wise Living Yoga Academy, affiliated to The Yoga Institute of Santacruz in Mumbai India.

During her stay in the astham, she learnt how Yogic lifestyle should be - Diet (Ahar), Rest (Vihar), Conduct (Achar) and Mind (Vichar), and how to apply them when returning to the hectic life in Hong Kong. She also gained a revelation of Yoga, not only referring practising asanas, but as a balance of body and mind, leading her to spiritual health.

To her, practising yoga asana not only means to get into the perfect posture, but is a journey to find your balance of strength and flexibility, as well as anatomy and alignment.
In her classes, she would like to demonstrate how to get into the pose, what muscles to engage, and what amendment to be done in order to get the maximum benefit from the pose, instead of rushing into the final posture.

In spare time, she is interested in cooking and creating vegan recipes, and to share her food with love with people around her.