Karmen Tse

Karmen was keen on dancing when she was a child, and has learnt different dance styles including Chinese dance, Contemporary dance and Latin dance. Unfortunately, she had to give up her dream of becoming a dancer due to a serious back injury 10 years ago. During the 200RYT Hatha Yoga training, she rediscovered the joy of letting the body flow with the music and accepted the unique characteristics of her body through yoga.Later, she continued to study different sound healing courses, including singing bowls, tuning forks and ocean drums, to utilize those sounds in the meditation section and act in concert with the yoga classes.

She hopes that students can achieve harmony, health and mind, body and spirit balance in her lesson. Karmen is good at teaching parent-child yoga and kids’ yoga. She is the first yoga teacher in HK to be qualified by the Mini Me Yoga program which accredited in the UK. Fostering happiness, wellness and mindfulness in the daily life of both adult and children through the practice of yoga and its philosophy is her mission statement.

Karmen 自小熱愛舞蹈,曾學習不同舞種包括中國舞、現代舞及拉丁舞,但多年前因一次嚴重腰傷放棄成為舞蹈家的夢想。直至考獲200RYT其間,透過瑜伽重新認識並接受自己身體的特質,尋回以音樂配合身體流動的樂趣。 其後持續進修不同的聲音療癒課程(如頌缽、音叉及海浪鼓),希望以不同的聲音輔助冥想,融入瑜伽課堂當中,協助學員在身體及心靈上一同達致和諧、健康、平衡。 Karmen 亦擅長教授親子瑜伽及小童瑜伽,並已考獲英國Mini Me Yoga 導師課程,成為香港第一位合資格導師。希望無論成年人或小朋友都能透過練習瑜伽及其哲學,將快樂、健康和正念帶到大家的日常生活。.

Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Course (200HR Yoga Alliance)
Kids Yoga Teacher Training Course( Mini Me Yoga UK )